An Easy Upgrade for Your Next Outdoor BBQ

With the new Cassia BBQ Kit available this week, your weekend reunions and festivities has just received the biggest glow up.

Upgrade your weekend BBQ with this easy kit from Cassia! Each mouthwatering kit includes 12 legendary Goan lamb chops, 8 chicken tikka sliders, 1kg of pork and jalapeno sausages, and Kolhapuri style beef biryani.

The kit also comes with accompaniments including smoked yoghurt, coriander chutney, roomali rotis (thinner version of a traditional roti) and assorted pickles to suit all tastebuds.

For only $170, order yours now at

For smaller gatherings, the Goan Lamb chops are available in packs of six for $30 (incl. smoked yoghurt).