Apple VS Spotify: The Battle of the Bangers

Spotify has realised an aggressive anti-Apple video, dissing the brand for standing in between them and their potential customers

The company claimed that Apple was giving their own music platform, iTunes, an advantage over any other services and that this was completely unfair. Spotify claimed that Apple would limit user’s ability to make payments, charge Spotify ridiculously high taxes on their subscribers and limit their apps interactivity on Apple devices.

The video was pretty harsh, despite having some hilarious looking cartoon characters, and painted Apple as a ruthless dictator standing between music lovers and their favourite streaming services.

Apple responded to the video by claiming that Spotify have used their app store for many years in order to grow their business, but now that they are so well known they are expecting to continue reaping the benefits of the platform without making any contributions to the marketplace. Burn.

The company also claimed that Spotify left out some key details when it came to their complaints. The taxes Spotify claimed to be forced to pay were inaccurate and services they claimed were unavailable to them had actually been offered on multiple occasions.

To add insult to injury, Apple pointed out that it was pretty ironic of Spotify to be complaining about Apple being stingy when their company is well known for being greedy and uncompromising when it comes to paying artists, even taking them to court over royalties. Ouch.

Spotify’s attempt at dethroning Apple was overall pretty unsuccessful. They may want to get their facts straight next time.


Watch the full video here: