Around the Water Cooler: MAFS Episode Thirty-Two

Married at First Sight: It’s the show all your colleagues are talking about, and the pressure to join in is mounting. If you are looking for a way to join in the office banter without actually having to commit to watching the show, you have come to the right place!

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Episode Thirty:

This was one of the most confrontational episodes of the season, so buckle up because you are about to be hit with some serious drama.

Everyone was reeling about the unpleasant events which unfolded at the girl’s night, most of all Ning and Mark, who wasted no time in telling Mike about the unpleasant things being said about them.

Mike was ropable and confronted Jess in front of the entire group pre-dinner party. Jess was up on her high horse and refused to admit the things she said. She told Mike and Mark that if they wanted to speak about it she would do in a more private setting. Mike said exactly what we were all thinking, “You had no problem saying your piece publicly, why do you want to speak in private now?”

Throughout the dinner party Mike and Jess continued to bicker, and for some godforsaken reason, people saw Mike as the problem not Jess. He was confronted by selection of bystanders who called him out for poking his nose into other people’s business. But isn’t that exactly what Jess has been doing? The whole situation made no sense to me.

Heidi was particularly offended by the whole thing and told Mike that she believed that the way he was speaking to Jess is how he speaks to her, which was upsetting. What a load of crap, Heidi was just, once again, finding a reason to be upset.

Jess issued a half-hearted apology to Ning and Mark, under duress from Mike. Mark seemed to want to forget the whole thing, while Ning was unsatisfied with Jess’s weak excuses.

Jess and Dan meet up for some secret kisses, gross, and they dropped a bombshell. They decided that at the next commitment ceremony they would be telling the group about their affair and asking to re-enter as their own couple. That sounds like a wonderful idea if you want to get burnt at the stake. But I can’t say I’m not excited to see the two face the music.

Martha thought that Jess and Dan’s idea was just fabulous, probably because she would be getting some free entertainment, but insisted they tell their respective partners first. Doubtful, where’s the fun in that?

Cutest Moment of the Episode:

Mike swooping in like a sharp-tongued superhero to defend his friends. Despite being slammed for it, I think it was definitely the right thing to do.

Most Hilarious Moment of the Episode:

Heidi scrambling to find another reason to be angry with her husband.