Around the Water Cooler: MAFS Episode Thirty Three

Married at First Sight: It’s the show all your colleagues are talking about, and the pressure to join in is mounting. If you are looking for a way to join in the office banter without actually having to commit to watching the show, you have come to the right place!

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Episode Thirty:

Buckle up, because this may be one of the most shocking (and ridiculous) reality television episodes you have ever seen!

This commitment ceremony started with a series of sweet moments from the couples who hadn’t fallen victim to the intense drama which seemed to be making the rounds this week.

Martha and Michael decided to stay, as did Cam and Jules. There was very little said by both couples because the producers were trying to make time for the really juicy stuff.

Heidi and Mike were on the rocks, with Heidi insisting that the way Mike spoke to Jess at the dinner party was with the same aggression he speaks to her. From what we’ve seen, her claim looked pretty unfounded. Despite this, both of them decided to stay. But to be honest, it seems like they should both just stop torturing each other and go home.

Ning and Mark were the innocent victims of Jess at their respective boys’ and girls’ nights, and her actions had a devastating effect on the couple. Ning expressed that she was afraid of how they may fare in the world outside of the experiment, and she was very emotional as she revealed her intentions to leave. Mark decided to stay, meaning we will continue to see more of the couple. He said that he believed Ning was trying to sabotage their relationship because she was afraid, something that Ning did not deny. If only Jess had kept to herself and, to quote Mike, stuck to her knitting this couple may have been in a totally different place.

Now for the real stuff. Jess and Mick took to the couch and both said that they were ready to leave. Mick was relieved for all of thirty seconds when Jess dropped the ultimate bombshell. She revealed that she and Dan had formed a connection and were ready to be together, so basically grabbing a wet fish and slapping Mick across the face with it.

Everyone was shocked, but also not that shocked. Dan whispered a string of apologies to Tamara who at first seemed rather put together about the whole thing but eventually left in a weepy fashion. Ning ran after her friend to comfort her, knowing full well how it felt to be a victim of Jess’s selfishness.

Mick was furious and called jess a spoilt brat, among other things. He moved off of the couple’s couch to sit with the others. Dan and Jess move to the couple’s couch together, and Tamara returned to the set. Questions and accusations of selfishness were thrown out, which the couple actively denied despite the writing being all over the wall.

Dan and Jess asked the experts if they could stay on as their own couple, and they were met with an icy but accepting response. Everyone else was furious and poor Mick even began to cry. It was heart-breaking to see someone so lovely cut down by two selfish individuals.

The night ended with Tamara and Mick saying goodbye to the group and leaving Dan and Jess to continue the most disgusting love story ever told.

Cutest Moment of the Episode:

The solidarity that was shown towards Mick and Tamara, who had several people coming to their side to comfort them as Jess and Dan proceeded to walk all over them.

Most Hilarious Moment of the Episode:

The experts pretending that allowing Jess and Dan to stay in the experiment was anything other than a play for higher viewership. Science? Yeah right.