Ardell Has Capsule Makeup Kits Covered

Capsule collections are flooding TikTok’s fashion realm at the moment, seeing users curate essential and classic pieces that can all be mixed and matched to achieve a strong, timeless look.

The capsule concept covers all your wardrobe bases and can apply to your makeup kit too!

With a streamlined makeup bag that creates countless looks for every occasion, a quintessential capsule makeup kit will cover your bases – and lashes!

Ardell is changing the game with a capsule makeup kit fit-out with the top multitasking beauty products you need from daily touches to full glam.

As the saying goes, “it’s all in the eyes,” so why not make them the main attraction? Ardell’s DURALASH Individuals Starter Kit consists of 56 little wispers of glam, a tweezer, adhesive and remover – giving showstopping energy, day or night. Just apply a couple of lashes in areas that need a lift, or right along the lash line, and watch your look come to life.

RRP $16.99

Step it up a notch for an extra special occasion with Ardell Demi Wispies. The lashes that suit every eye shape can be worn once and kept to use again for next time. 

Top tip: cut the lashes in half for when you are after an outer-edge flare!

RRP $14.99

Lock in the look with DUO Lash It Line It – a two-in-one eyeliner and lash adhesive. Deeply pigmented, this product glides on the lid smoothly, and holds your lashes securely in place allowing you to choose between a soft wing or a dramatic lash. Pair with the Ardell Dual Lash Applicator – a two-in-one tool that has both a curved tweezer end for precision, and an angled rubber top allowing you to fix into place.

Finish off your look with the Ardell Brow Pencil – a dual-purpose triangular tip with a fine pointed end for creating thin lines, and a flat end for thick lines. Allowing you to build colour and definition, simply apply heavily for a full brow, or lightly for a more natural effect. 

RRP $12.99

Ardell is available at Farmers, Unichem and Life Pharmacy.