Wooded Depths, Hypnotic Spices and Liquid Stillness

Australian botanical brand Aēsop has added Eidesis, a new unisex fragrance to its Othertopias collection. 

As with all of Aēsop’s fragrances, Eidesis knows no gender boundaries, and is designed to be worn as an intimate layer that lingers on both body and mind. 

Made in collaboration with long-term partner Barnabé Fillion, the upcoming fragrance draws upon the myth of Narcissus and Echo. Known as the god of vanity, Narcissus rejected all romantic advances and fell in love with his own reflection, gazing at his mirror image on the surface of a pool of water. 

The Othertopias fragrance collection takes the wearer to the edge of a pond, peering into its reflective surface. For Eidesis, the space is that of the self, and the struggle between the interior and exterior worlds. Eidesis honours the imaginary worlds beyond the surface of the mirror – opening with rousing top notes of sparkling Petitgrain, spicy Black Pepper and a subtle floral accord, leading to a resinous, spicy heart of Frankincense, Cumin and Cedar, before resting into a base of sumptuous Sandalwood, Cedar and earthy, green Vetiver.

“It could be seen as the most sensual of our fragrances – it works so well with people’s skin that somehow you feel it is a layer that was already there,” said collaborator Fillion.

The Othertopias fragrances invite a dialogue with nature, challenge our perceptions and unlock reverie. Eidesis is designed for those seeking complex and unique aromas.

Eidesis Eau de Parfum is packaged in a 50mL amber glass bottle and encased in a carton featuring artwork by Belfast-based painter Jack Coulter.

RRP: $265NZD/50 mL