Around the Water Cooler: MAFS Episode Eight

Married at First Sight: It’s the show all your colleagues are talking about, and the pressure to join in is mounting. If you are looking for a way to join in the office banter without actually having to commit to watching the show, you have come to the right place!

We provide updates on every episode, summarising the hour-long show into a crisp few paragraphs so you can join your colleagues in a friendly laugh and spend your weeknights watching anything else!

Episode Eight:

The couples are officially home from their honeymoons, and tonight is the first dinner parties, where the couples gather together to wine, dine and have at it! Highlights from the night include:

Elizabeth showing up alone and shocking everyone. But then Sam shows up in the middle of the party with no apology or explanation for his absence, just a ‘Honey I’m Home’. Everyone is shocked, and Elizabeth is furious. The two have at it at the table, whereby Sam gets confronted with his shocking behaviour and just turns it around on his poor wife who is flabbergasted by his appalling lack of empathy.

Ines gets a bit weird as she talks about group sex and offering to husband swap with any of the other girls. Bronson is pretty oblivious to this strange behaviour, but plenty of the people at the table were less than impressed.

Jess believes she overhead Mike (Heidi’s husband) talking smack behind her back, and she sets out to confront him. She calls for the support of her sweet but simple husband who can only sit in awkward silence as Jess begins a one-sided fight with Mike. In the end, Mike and Jess seem to make up, so needing somewhere to direct her anger, Jess turns on her husband. She starts yelling and swearing about how useless Mick is because he refused to stand up for her, and the once the once quippy farm boy is lost for words.

Cutest Moment from the Episode:

Cam and Jules. No specific incident, just Cam and Jules.

Most Hilarious Moment from the Episode:

Mike calling all of the female’s sweetheart or little girls, making him seem like either a crusty old grandpa or a bit of a creeper. Elizabeth’s reaction to being called sweetheart was priceless. Her face stayed in a shocked freeze frame for at least 10 seconds. Television gold.