Aquaman is making waves in the New Zealand box office

It seems Kiwis are smitten with DC Films after a rather rough few releases. Aquaman has captured the heart of its New Zealand audience and even has the numbers to back it up.

The flick was released on Boxing Day and has made an astonishing $70.03 in little old New Zealand since its debut. This contributes to the film’s total earnings of over $1.1 billion. What an insane amount of money! The film is now officially the most popular, and the most profitable, DC movie of all times. Take that Marvel!

Perhaps one of the biggest drawcards of the film, other than excellent writing and some heart-stopping action sequences, is lead actor Jason Momoa. The actor first rose to fame during his brief stint on HBO’s Game of Thrones and has now taken the throne as king of underwater worlds and a local heartthrob. Other than Jason, the film has an impressive amount of star power behind it, with actors such as Willem Dafoe and Amber Heard providing memorable performance throughout the film.

Aquaman is still in theatres (cause why stop while you’re ahead, right?) so get in quick, so you don’t miss this unforgettable flick!