Around the Water Cooler: MAFS THE FINALE

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Episode Forty-One:

The final episode is here! Two months of romance, drama, heartbreak and awkward exchanges have all been leading up to this moment, and we are hyped!

A surprise announcement was made before the drama began, with the experts sharing that local playboy Sam has chosen not to attend the get-together. The news was rather unsurprising given his mass absences throughout the season. Perhaps he had another funeral?

The episode started with all 23 participants back on the couches, where they were played a montage of clips from their respective wedding days. It was kind of a bittersweet moment as most of our couples didn’t stand the test of time, but at least everyone was able to laugh along with the footage.

First couple on the couch: Heidi and Mike. This couple has had a lot of ups and downs and ultimately went their separate ways after the commitment ceremony. It was an emotional session for these two as they discussed their ups, downs and final decision. Mike was highly emotional, having to take a good long pause between words to gather himself. It was a very raw couch session and the experts asked the question we were all thinking: “Is there any chance of the two of you getting back together?” The question was met with hesitation from both Mike and Heidi but ultimately it was clear that this was the end for them. The two left the couch and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Next on the couch was Cyrell and Nic. Michael got told off by his wife for clapping for the couple which was hilarious and totally childish.

This couple was another one which did not last the distance; however, they had parted on very good terms. Cyrell shared that there was still contact between the two of them, which mainly consisted of Nic sending her fart videos. Upsetting, but at least everyone seemed happy about it. Cyrell was asked by the experts if she regretted any of her actions during her most recent fight with Martha. Cyrell answered bluntly, saying she did not. Cue a shot of Martha looking pretty pissed.

Next up on the couch was Elizabeth and the memory of Sam. Clips were played for the group of Sam and Elizabeth’s relationship, most shockingly one of him making fun of his new wife for her body size. The group was appalled and came to her side, all except Mike who wanted to throw in his two cents. “Hang on a second, he shouldn’t have said those things about you, your body,” he said. “That’s unfair, but put it this way, I’ve seen the way you treat me so I’ve seen how you behave. I can only imagine that you drove him away with that behaviour. That’s the truth of it.” The two bicker for a bit until the most unlikely person came to Elizabeth’s defence. Ines chimed in telling Mike to basically button it because he didn’t not know what he was talking about.

More clips were played, this time of Ines and Sam’s affair. The group were all pretty shocked and appalled at the things being shown, particularly during a moment from Sam saying that he enjoyed the secretiveness of the situation purely because it was a way of messing with his wife. Ouch. Mike had no way to justify that one.

Ines ended up joining Elizabeth on the couch to discuss her side of the situation. She was clearly very upset about the way she had been discarded and made to feel by Sam. She apologised to both Elizabeth and her husband Bronson for the way she had acted. She even broke down in tears. It was a lot to take in but you couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for her.

With that saga resolved the most controversial couple of the season took their place on the couch: Jess and Dan. Jess looked a loved up as ever but Dan seemed rather uncomfortable. When confronted by the experts he admitted that he felt awful sitting with Jess in front of Mick and Tamara, he felt guilty. Jess, on the other hand, did not.

When asked about their relationship, after some digging, it was revealed that the two had not actually seen each other since the commitment ceremony six weeks ago. A crack in the façade? Perhaps. Jess was then asked, rather leadingly, if she had ever shown interested in someone else during the experiment. She said no. Big mistake. The next clip played was one we all remember: Jess making advances to Nic on the same night she first started pursuing Dan. Yikes. Once the clip played Nic admitted he felt like he was being hit on and everyone was up in arms. Jess tried to play off the situation by saying she was speaking as a friend to Nic, which exactly no one believed.

Mick pointed out to Dan that he was only third rung from the ladder, after himself and Nic, so he better watch out in the future. Dan was steaming and told the group that he felt like he had been played. “I’m hurt right now, looking at that… Looking at that now, I feel like I’m a piece of s—. Honestly. I’ve got a lot to think about, I really do.” With their relationship in tatters, the two left the couch.

Jules and Cam were invited up onto the couch to get rid of the sour taste in everyone’s mouth. They were certainly the seasons greatest success and even invited the experts to their wedding. Weird but sweet.

The episode was concluded, and I was fuming because we didn’t get to hear from half of the couples! What about Ning and Mark, couldn’t we finally hear Lauren lay into Matt or evening a parting quip from Mick? Nothing?

Well, that’s it. I guess we will have to keep snooping on the contestant’s Instagram’s for any more details.

Cutest Moment of the Episode:

Nic and Cyrell’s blossoming friendship.

Most Hilarious Moment of the Episode:

Finally watching Jess face the music. Karma feels good.