Automate your cheese toastie game

Cheeseborg cheese toastie machine.

Cheese toasties are not the classiest of comfort food, but its appeal is fairly universal. One of its main appeals is its convenience factor, however, for some people, even that is too much work.

Three students at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh have developed a robot to speed up the process of making a cheese toastie, or ‘grilled cheese’ as they know it in the States.

The robot, dubbed Cheeseborg, feeds bread and cheese from stacks through a vacuum powered arm. The machine then sprays the grill with butter, and a motorised arm presses the sandwich into the press. Once the sandwich is cooked to the ideal time, the press opens and ejects the sandwich onto a plate.

For the tech savvy people out there, the machine can also be adapted to be used alongside Google Assistant so that you can yell at your phone and get Cheeseborg to make you a cheese toastie while you spend your precious time elsewhere.