Because it’s September.

September is Suicide awareness month so lets talk about something.

About a week ago Bondi beach was overtaken by men in fluro speedos. There was pink zinc, tie dye suits and a hell of a lot of surfboards. Why?
All in the name of happiness. And surfing of course. The cause of this madness was an extremely incredibly amazing event hosted by the non-profit surf ‘community’ called One Wave (is all it takes).

RUOK day is a day  to raise awareness for suicide and other mental happenings. One Wave uses the ocean to open up the gates and encourage everyone to bear the balls to talk about their feelings, especially if they are going through a ‘funk’. Funks, as we call them are depressive stages where you know, you just don’t feel yourself. That’s ok.

Founder, surfy dude and fellow Kiwi man Grant Treblico started this great feat over 2 years ago. In fact, earlier this year One Wave celebrated it’s 2nd birthday! In this short period One wave has evolved into a movement and attracted a fair bit of inertia on social media. With over 15.5k followers on instagram, it’s safe to say One wave is onto a good thing. One of the best in my opinion.

Here are a few sick snippets from Bondi that Thursday morning…

So, follow them on instagram. Why not?
If you’re around head down to Bondi with ya board for a kick ass “Fluro Friday”.
And don’t forget to ask your mates, are you ok? You could save a life.