Everest will leave you squirming and heart broken in your seat

The horrific real-life disaster movie that leaves you breathless on top of the freaking world’s tallest mountain. From the same screenwriters as Gladiator and 127 Hours,William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy add this tragic yet very successful gem to their collection. You will be squirming in your seat over the sight of deathly drops and just like in every horror movie when the bimbo girl goes upstairs – you will be screaming out “NO DON’T GO UP THERE! TURN BACK!!”

The true events that Everest was based on were heart-wrenching for kiwis. My mother described it as the whole country was transfixed by the events in 1996, watching it slowly unfold, they even played the phone calls over the New Zealand radios. The huge amount of support and utter heart-break felt for Jan [the wife].

My favourite part of the whole movie is simply the use of ambient noise. This differentiated the white noise in the two places over the radio/phone call comparing Rob’s environment to Jan’s made my heart sink to my stomach. The violent roar of the wind around Rob as the weather builds and builds – while Jan is helpless, alone on the couch waiting for the inevitable. AHHHHH

ANYWAY – It’s great and you should go see it.