BEST OF: #OverheardAtCoachella

Aren’t at Coachella? Neither are we. Don’t have total FOMO, get your Coachella fix here. We searched for the best #OverheardAtCoachella and here it is! Enjoy.<3

“They should’ve had me headline. I could’ve cried on stage.” “I dunno, man. Drake is really good at crying.”

“Like mathematics, hashtags are the same in every language. So my tweets are breaking cultural barriers.”

“I’m super dehydrated but I look SUPER thin.”

“I don’t know who 2 Chainz is but he sounds like he could give a good massage.”

“You’re detox tea instas are almost as sad as the modeling career you think you have”

“My flower crown probably cost like more than your entire outfit. OMFG. You’re so poor”

“guys, guys, guys. We should all go over there and take turns trying to break sticks on each others’ heads.”

“What’s with the whole indian thing? I don’t get it”

“I just remembered I had weed in my bra.”

“I’m going to break up with him, but after we go see Drake.”