michael b jordan (killmonger) and chadwick boseman (black panther) glare angrily at each other

Marvel’s Black Panther is the highest-grossing superhero film in U.S. history. It’s also one of the studio’s most critically-acclaimed films, with the costume design and world-building considered particularly good.

It’s now come to the small screen. The SKY MOVIES premiere of Black Panther will be at 8.30pm on Sunday the 25th of November, so if you missed it in cinemas – don’t miss it here.

Black Panther is the story of T’Challa, eager superhero and reluctant king of Wakanda; an African nation hidden from the rest of the world by advanced technology. When a figure from the past arrives to challenge T’Challa’s right to the throne, the nation is plunged into disarray as factions form and loyalties are torn.

Notable for the absence of any other Avengers, Black Panther is a stand-alone superhero film that requires no prior knowledge of the Marvel universe. Starring Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, and Michael B. Jordan.