Boh Runga Redesigns Cadbury’s Iconic Roses

Mums are always there for us, right by our side. They make it look so easy, but we all know the hard work and love that goes into a mothers day. 

To celebrate mums, just in time for Mother’s Day, Kiwi jewellery designer Boh Runga has redesigned the iconic Cadbury Roses packaging.

Cadbury Boh Runga Roses

The Mother’s Day limited-edition box is designed to celebrate life and love, and mums across New Zealand, featuring some of Boh Runga’s most cherished creations. The box is illustrated with a selection of Boh Runga Jewellery charms, each with a story to tell.

“Teaming up with Cadbury to reimagine their well-loved giftbox in honour of all the amazing mothers out there was a real pleasure.” said Runga.

Boh recognises all that our mums do for us in each of her charm designs – the Miromiro feather is a magic token of devotion to bring a loved one home and the Fan Tail is a symbol of heart and bravery. The Starburst charm in limited-edition blushing pink takes inspiration from our southern skies, harking back to Boh’s time fronting the band Stellar*, with the star shape reminiscent of the Stellar asterisk. The Droplet Duette charm remind us of a mother hugging a child, as the droplet snuggles up to a soothing blue topaz.

Cadbury Roses will be running promotions in the lead up to Mother’s Day, with the chance to win Boh Runga Jewellery.

Available now, the Cadbury Roses Limited Edition 450g Box retails for $16.99