Summer Ready With Breville In Fizz

Get ready for summer, as Breville has just launched a new product that instantly adds fizz to various drinks.

Re-fizz your flat soda or transform your juices, wines and cocktails with the new InFizz Fusion. By enhancing natural base ingredients instead of adding processed flavour drops after carbonating, drinks retain their full flavour from start to serve.

A pressure control system and the FusionCap can directly carbonate flavoured beverages without the risk of overflow or having to add sparkling water to existing mixes.

“We are thrilled to launch the InFizz Fusion just in time for Australians to enjoy their favourite drinks throughout summer. This product takes the sparkling beverage trend to the next level,” said Sabrina Smith, Global Category Manager at Breville.

“The InFizz Fusion opens up a whole new way for our customers to experiment and enjoy their favourite drinks like they’ve never experienced before at home: from all-natural fizzy juice for the kids to healthy sparkling iced teas to entertaining with carbonated sangria and margaritas – just to name a few.”

It also features a fast and simple ‘twist and tilt’, making it easy to use. With a premium stainless-steel body and sleek design, the InFizz Fusion is available in three colours: Sea Salt, Black Truffle, and Brushed Stainless Steel.

Breville will also release the InFizz Aqua, which carbonates only water without the FusionCap feature. The InFizz Fusion and the InFizz Aqua are compatible with standard 60L CO2 gas cylinders.