Bonkers For Burritos

Mex it up restaurant owner in front of her logo

In preparation for International Burrito Day, on the 7th of April, Menulog is spilling the beans on New Zealand’s burrito obsession.

The number of Mexican restaurants on Menulog has increased by 285 percent, since March of 2021. With over 70 different cuisines available, Mexican cuisine is on the rise to sit with curry and pizza, the classic Menulog favourites.

Menulog announced that only 14 percent of kiwis like their burritos spicy, compared with 35 percent of Australians. “We offer the choice to spice up our food, but usually a customer will try a burrito with a bit more heat and next time I see them, it’s back to mild,” said Kamal Chadhu, owner of Menulog restaurant partner Mex It Up, in Hamilton.

While New Zealanders might like burritos mild, they are not afraid to spice it up with Jalapenos. Being the number one add-on for burritos at 18 percent, they sit ahead of guacamole and double cheese.

When it comes to filling burritos with protein, chicken is the number one choice at 52 percent, and beef follows at a close second with 30 percent.

The rise in burrito popularity comes as no surprise, “Kiwis are increasingly turning to healthier food options so a lot of people also like to add beans to their burrito. They also go for a burrito because while they may look small, they are very filling and packed with tastiness,” said Chris Malunis, Manager of Rotorua’s El Mexicano Zapata Cantina.