Book Club | LUNE Croissants All Day, All Night

From here on in, do not expect a traditional croissant recipe.

Kate Reid didn’t start out her professional life as a pastry chef. As a qualified Aerospace Engineer, a fascination and proclivity for aerodynamics led her to move to the UK at 23 years old and follow her dreams of working in Formula One. She worked for the Williams F1 Team before taking the huge and career-changing detour to set up the world-renowned croissanterie, LUNE, in 2012. Her analytical, process-driven, problem-solving mind, alongside the relentless drive to pursue excellence, has made LUNE into a croissant Formula One team, with people flying from around the globe to visit one of the most talked about bakeries in the world.

LUNE: Croissants All Day, All Night is the much-anticipated debut book that elevates croissant pastry from a classic breakfast staple to a refined vehicle for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With expert guidance on creating your poolish, laminating and cutting your dough for six different croissant shapes, Kate shares her popular variations (and famous cruffin recipe) for bakes that you can make for any time of day.

pictures of pastriesWith step-by-step techniques and detailed photography for rolling and shaping croissants, followed by recipes for every hour of the day, plus what to do with stale pastries and how to make a croissant into a special occasion, LUNE: Croissants All Day, All Night is the ultimate guide to perfectly baking the world’s best-loved pastry.

About the Author:

Kate Reid wasn’t always a baker – far from it, in fact. After studying Aerospace Engineering at university, she followed her lifelong passion for Formula 1 racing and became an aerodynamicist for the Williams F1 team in the UK in the mid-2000s. In 2008, though, she wanted to change direction and returned to her native Melbourne to find her new niche – pastry. After working in the cafes and bakeries of Melbourne and a stint in Paris, she knew that she wanted to create something perennially popular and take her skills to a new level, and so, Lune Croissanterie was born.

Since opening Lune in 2012, it has amassed a cult, global following, with celebrity devotees and an Instagram following of 256k. It’s gone from a one-person show to a five-site bakery with queues around the block from dawn and The Cube, where Kate and her 180-strong team develop regularly changing recipes for everything from takeaway breakfasts to tasting menus of croissants.

Kate Reid