• New York Christmas Baking – Lisa Nieschlag and Lars Wentrup

It’s Christmas in New York—celebrate the season with delicious, evocative recipes from the Big Apple in holiday mode.

Christmas in New York is a dream! Take a stroll in snow-covered Central Park, go shopping in Manhattan with the streets dressed in their festive finest and, of course, indulge in the city’s world-famous delicacies.

This book is filled with enticing recipes for cakes, cookies and treats for the most beautiful time of the year, in the most beautiful city in the world. Experience the taste of Christmas in New York! Have a wonderful Christmas time!

Lisa Nieschlag and Lars Wentrup are German designers and the best-selling team behind New York Christmas.

  • Anatolia: Adventures In Turkish Eating – Somer Sivriolgu and David Dale

Authentic Turkish cuisine and food culture from the well-loved, Turkish-born Australian restaurateur, Somer Sivrioglu.

Every dish tastes better when it comes with a good story. Anatolia is much more than a cookbook. It’s a travel guide, narrative journey and richly illustrated exploration of a 4,000 year old cooking culture.

Istanbul-born chef Somer Sivrioglu and food scholar David Dale reveal the fascinating tales, tricks and rituals that enliven the Turkish table. Here they profile the superstars of modern Turkish hospitality and reimagine recipes ranging from the grand banquets of the Ottoman empire to the spicy snacks of Istanbul’s street stalls, from epic breakfasts on the eastern border to seafood mezes on the Aegean coastline.

With more than 100 stories and recipes, including many suitable for vegetarians or vegans, this is the what, the where, the how and the why of eating the Turkish way.Somer Sivrioglu runs the popular Efendy restaurant and Anason in Australia. He’s also a judge on Masterchef Turkey. David Dale is a food and travel writer.

  • The Mindful Kitchen – Heather Thomas

The founder of Denmark’s The Mindful Kitchen is mindfully committed to creating positive change, nurturing nature connection and transforming the way we eat. Part practical, part meditative,

The Mindful Kitchen serves up a unique recipe for life with bite-size philosophical notes and an abundant feast of over 100 vegetarian dishes. Make mindful choices through how and what you eat and add empowering flavours for wellbeing, inspiration, curiosity and awareness with this beautifully illustrated cookbook.

  • The Plan Buy Cookbook – Gaby Chapman and Jen Petrovic

Are you always making frantic (and expensive) evening supermarket trips? Do you constantly seem to have a fridge full of food but nothing to cook? Do you feel like you’re serving up the same old meals every week?

The Plan Buy Cookbook is your guide to beating the daily dinner grind while saving time, money, food waste – and your sanity. Lose the five o’clock panic and set up for a lifetime of good food habits with The Plan Buy Cookbook.