Breakfasts in different European countries

It would be easy to assume that everybody eats breakfast the same way. However, different cultures have different traditions when it comes to sleeping and their eating habits. Here are how some of the biggest countries across Europe eat breakfast:



In Germany, breakfasts are usually bread-based. Different kinds of breads and rolls are served with a selection of cheeses like Gouda or Emmentaler, as well as cold cut meats such as ham and salami. Butter and jams are also served, as are the occasional yoghurts and eggs. These are served with fruit juice and tea or coffee.


Prima colazione

Italian breakfasts normally begin with hot coffee and milk, or caffé latte as they call it. The drink is often served with hard bread and cookies. The children often drink hot chocolate in place of the coffee. The reason for this subdued breakfast is mostly because their main meal of their day is normally a late lunch, held between one and three o’clock in the afternoon.


Le petit-déjeuner

Similarly to the Italians, the French don’t traditionally eat big breakfasts. The French breakfast is built around coffee, served with croissants, baguettes or a similar bread food. This bread is often buttered and dipped into the coffee.

El desayuno

Breakfasts are sacred to the Spanish. However, breakfast habits differ depending on the regions they occupy. They eat breakfast very early in the morning in Barcelona for instance. Across all the regions coffee is a mainstay, as are small sandwiches, and either a sweet toast with jam or marmalade or a salty toast with tomato.