Business-in-a-box solutions are encouraging mum and dad entrepreneurs to quit their 9-5’s

In a survey conducted by Stake, an Australian share trading platform, 25 percent of Australians said that if they had their own business, they would be happy to work into their retirement. Business-in-a-box solutions are allowing mum and dad entrepreneurs to follow business dreams to achieve financial independence and schedule flexibility. These solutions include everything from marketing materials to employee contracts. They also offer training and continued support. These schemes provide a cheaper solution that do not require previous business experience. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the number of actively trading business has increased for the fourth year in a row, and exit rates continue to decline.

Matt Buchel, Editor-in-Chief for The Importa magazine said, “We’re seeing a wave of people looking to take control of their future and build something of their own. The demand for self-owned and operated importing business models is growing every year.”