Calling All Nespresso Aficionados

A new, limited edition coffee has just hit Nespresso Boutiques – Aged Sumatra, a coffee aged for three years, resulting in an intense cup Kiwis are sure to love.

Aged Sumatra is a limited-edition coffee crafted to complement the existing blends in Nespresso’s Master Origins range. It is spicy and woody, with a complex flavour profile thanks to the ageing process that the Sumatran coffee craftsmen undertook with great care.

To create this coffee, groups of skilful coffee farmers in Aceh, Sumatra, stored the harvested beans in jute bags for three years, left to moisten and dry with nature’s rhythms. Throughout this time, the craftsmen ensured even ageing through a range of methods including moving the bags from warehouse to warehouse, and even opening each bag to sort through, aerate and re-bag the coffee beans.

To celebrate the launch, Nespresso has also partnered with two culinary craftsmen, Peter Gordon and Ganesh Raj. The chefs have created bespoke recipes, Peter for Aged Sumatra and Ganesh for India, that are inspired by the respective coffees to showcase the craftsmanship synergies between coffee and food. Peter Gordon’s and Ganesh Raj’s recipes are live on the Nespresso website now. Both are super easy to recreate at home and perfectly paired with a cup of coffee!

Aged Sumatra is available in Boutiques and online now in sleeves of ten aluminium capsules.