The global authority on ice cream and chocolate, Magnum ice cream, has us turning crimson with excitement about the newly launched Magnum Ruby range. They are the first ice cream brand to launch a flavour with the new Ruby chocolate.

Giving pleasure seekers the opportunity to indulge in a completely new taste experience, Magnum Ruby coats indulgent ice cream with a Ruby chocolate coating, the taste experience is a unique blend of berry fruitiness, luscious smoothness, and unique natural pink colour.

The biggest innovation in the chocolate world in 80 years, Ruby chocolate is the fourth variant of chocolate after dark, milk and white chocolates. Unveiled in 2017, Ruby took 10 years of development and was crafted by Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolates with over 175 years of expertise.

Sourced from Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast of West Africa, Ruby chocolate is made with Ruby cocoa beans, carefully selected for their attributes.

The unique crafting process unlocks the naturally present berry-like flavour and pink colour tone. Creating a new dimension of taste, Ruby chocolate is considered to be a true novelty by chefs and chocolatiers alike, due to its unique taste and stunning appearance.

Magnum is the first ice cream brand in the world to pair Ruby chocolate with ice cream – creating a decadent union of Magnum Ruby chocolate coating over an indulgent velvety ice cream and offering pleasure seekers the ultimate luxury ice-cream.

Available in two variants, Magnum Ruby & Raspberry contains velvety white chocolate ice cream and a luscious raspberry swirl, and Magnum Ruby & Blood Orange has an indulgent vanilla ice cream with blood orange swirls.

The new Magnum Ruby range is available nationwide now from selected independent retailers, petrol and convenience stores, and from major supermarkets from mid-September.