Cadbury Celebrates their 10 Year Support for Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

What a milestone! Cadbury has been supporting Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand for the past ten years. To raise awareness on the 2020 Pink Ribbon appeal, Cadbury has created a delicious Dairy Milk chocolate bar that is inspired by Pinky. They will also be donating an astonishing amount of NZD 80,000 to assist the organisation’s education and support programmes.

BCFNZ plays such a significant role in supporting Kiwi’s who are impacted by breast cancer.

“The special-edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Pinky block is our way of giving back to BCFNZ, helping to raise awareness and encouraging Kiwi’s to get involved in the 2020 Pink Ribbon Appeal,” said Jo Turner of Cadbury New Zealand.

“Breast cancer affects the lives of so many New Zealander’s. The backing our organisation receives is crucial in enabling us to help look after Kiwi’s going through breast cancer, as well as their family and friends. We’re thankful to have had a long-term partner like Cadbury in our team,” said Evangelia Henderson, Chief Executive of BCFNZ.

“This new block inspired by Cadbury Pinky and generous donation is a great way of marking our enduring relationship right before Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.”

This special edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Pinky block is inspired by the popular Cadbury Pinky bar with an extra taste of chewy caramel chips. They will be available for a limited time at your go-to supermarkets and dairies nationwide.

What a great way to show your support!