Face Masks You Never Knew You Needed…

If PPE gear was mentioned to us last year, we’d have no idea what you are talking about. PPE is short for Personal Protective Equipment, which is used widely for people that work in dangerous environments. Now that COVID-19 has hit us hard, PPE gear is recommended for every household. Especially face masks, gloves and hand sanitisers. Disposable face masks have had its shortages however, business have battled this obstacle by creating reusable masks that are better for the environment and more aesthetically pleasing.

We’ve seen designer masks, patterns, prints to matching face masks and hair ties. But what are other people doing? Scroll down to see our some utterly interesting and quirky face masks from around the world!

Sippy Face Mask – Philippines

Bubble tea lovers look no further. Gallontea, based in the Philippines designed a face mask with an extra silicon hole with a cover! So you can still drink bubble tea while you’re out and about – safely.

LEAF – United States

Although they are not the only clear face mask designers out there. The LEAF face mask is the world’s first FDA-registered clear mask. It’s designed to show our normal selves during difficult times. They are also great for people with hearing and speaking disabilities, so communication is a lot smoother.

“Smile Mask” – Japan

Another problem with normal face masks is the lack of emotion! This particular retail store in Japan came up with a solution by designing these custom “smile masks” for their employees to look more friendly!

Maskalike – United States

Maskalike Face Mask – sourced from @djbaskin

Forget no-makeup make up looks, say hello to this no mask face mask? The Masalike is pretty self-explanatory with such a genius design! Get the bottom half of your face printed on your face mask – you’ve never looked more like yourself than right now.

Louis Vuitton Face Shield

Just when you thought you have seen it all. How about this soon to release Louis Vuitton Face Shield? It’s protection with style. After the pandemic is over (please, sooner rather than later), simply lift the shield up and it becomes a sun visor!