Camping has just been made easier

With summer just around the corner, it’s almost time to get out the camping gear and start deciding on summer holiday destinations. The idea of packing a van to the rim and venturing New Zealand’s best camping spots is a pleasurable one, however, camping cooking appliances can prove to sometimes be a hassle. Luckily, sustainable distributor Epicure Trading Ltd have released a biodegradable, portable, single-use barbeque, perfect for camping.

The CasusGrill was designed to offer the best and easiest way to cook outdoors while remaining eco-friendly. The barbeque has been made from entirely sustainable materials including lightweight lava stone, natural bamboo, bamboo charcoal briquettes and cardboard. With the briquettes holding heat for a substantial 60 minutes, the grill ensures perfectly barbequed food for on the move.

The disposable nature of the grill means it can be utilised while camping and disposed of responsibly, meaning no return luggage or guilt. In comparison to other camping grills, this alternative creates less waste, fewer CO2 emissions and delicious barbequed food. Epicure Trading Ltd owner Catherine Bell said the team are excited to provide New Zealand with the perfect product for outdoor cooking and sustainability.

“At Epicure, we work to provide products that are new and unique, and the CasusGrill™ is one of our latest favourites. In fact, I think this is the most exciting product I have ever discovered. Pair the grill with your togs, your hiking boots, or your fishing rod, take it camping and boating to enhance your Kiwi summer experience, no matter what that may be.”