Carlsberg is globally recognised for creating some of the best beer in the world and now the brewing masters have taken things to a whole new level, creating probably the best pie in the world, right here in New Zealand. Since New Zealand is a nation of pie-lovers, Carlsberg is giving the good old kiwi steak and cheese a bit of an upgrade.

Partnering with local pie royalty, Heaven Scent Food Co, Carlsberg has created a mouth-watering recipe that uses grass-fed Angus beef, marinated in a special blend of herbs and spices. This is then cooked low and slow in a Carlsberg stock and a medley of summer vegetables. The deliciously buttery, flakey savoury short pastry is even made with Carlsberg’s malted barley.  Pie and beer lovers will have only four days to experience the kiwi pie at a pop-up Carlsberg pie bar in Auckland’s Imperial Lane. The pop-up pie bar opens from Tuesday 12 December through to Thursday 14 December. A limited number of only 1,000 pies will be available.