Cheers for The Holidays With Gault’s Cocktails

Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift or something special for yourself, don’t miss out on the new premium cocktail range, Gault’s Cocktails, by the Award-winning chef Simon Gault, known for his passion for food and flavour.

At home cocktails have been a massive hit during this second lockdown. People are no longer just making their own bread but expanding their culinary skills and exploring new ways to entertain the making of food and drinks.

Chef Gault set out to create a unique at-home cocktail range that did not compromise on flavour but, instead, brought premium flavours found nowhere else to homes across the country.

Expect specialised margarita salts, pineapple chips, dried flowers, blood orange rounds, and much more.

Gault’s Cocktails revolutionises the art of cocktail-making at home. Handcrafted and of the highest quality, treat yourself or a loved one this summer to a drink like no other and bring a feeling of magic back to meals and meet-ups.

Cocktail Kit flavours include:

• Piña Colada
• Espresso Martini
• Apricot Bellini
• Blood Orange Margarita
• Raspberry Margarita
• Melon Martini
• Skinny Passion Fruit Mojito