Classic Cocktails At Home

Non-alcoholic bottle mixes

Lyre’s is set to release ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic cocktail classics for customers to enjoy quality mixes at home. In a premium, uncarbonated, 200ml format, Lyre’s will offer three classic cocktail mixes: Old Fashioned, Negroni, and Margarita. 

With only quality ingredients in this new range, Lyre’s allows mindful drinkers to enjoy classic cocktails without the mess and stress. Carefully crafted to reflect a proper made-in-bar standard, these mixes give customers the satisfaction of a cocktail like those ordered on a night out.

Made for chilling, garnishing, and sipping, Lyre’s highly awarded non-alcoholic spirits have been used in the recipes. There is no need for fancy bartending as these pre-mixes give simplicity and convenience to customers.

“Our new range of ready-to-drink classic cocktails means you don’t have to compromise on quality or convenience ever again. You can pick one up and head straight to the party, or simply enjoy your favourite cocktail at home in a non-alcoholic form, and most importantly, without the fuss,” said Lyre’s Global Flavour Architect David Murphy.

Lyre’s Negroni is classic, rich, and sophisticated, tasting bitter orange with velvety layers of red fruit and fir, dry juniper. Recommended to drink chilled with a large ice cube, an orange twist on top can be a great addition to the style of the drink.

Generous in flavour and warmth, Lyre’s Old Fashioned offers whiskey, malt, and toasted nut tastes complemented with aromatic spices. Lyre’s team suggest serving this drink chilled with a quick stir, accompanied by an ice cube and orange garnish.

With rich agave and lime finesse, Lyre’s Margarita is full of earthy tones. With fresh tropical and soft, smoky characters, this mix gives a bold and salivating finish. The ultimate completion of this drink is best chilled and served in a glass with a classic salted rim, adding ice and a lime wedge.

Each Lyre’s cocktail is rich and cultivated with recipe combinations everyone knows and loves. These cocktail favourites are an excellent alternative for those wanting to explore their taste palate at home or savour something non-alcoholic.