Coffee Lovers Discover New Way to Cart Around Coffee

photo credit: Green Dream Foundation

An Australian cafe has caught the eye of hundreds of coffee lovers after it adopted a nifty coffee tray hack to help save tonnes of waste.

The innovative reuse of used milk cartons was brought to the attention of Sydney’s North Shore residents by a coffee lover after her visit to a cafe in Fairlight.

Instead of using single-use cardboard coffee trays, staff cut a used milk carton so it could safely hold two takeaway drinks.

The woman was so impressed by the innovation she shared it with her local community group.

Whilst it was the first time she had come across this, the woman soon learnt that many other businesses had been using the same trick.

Several people commented Don Adan cafe in Mosman and Cremorne did the same, as well as Cafe Zozo on Neutral Bay.

The woman was excited that so many cafes were using this creative technique and said she would recycle the milk carton at home.

Cafes in Sydney are not the only ones doing their part to help the environment, with one UK cafe banning all takeaway coffee cups.