How Much Pepp is in Your Step?!

To celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day, Domino’s is releasing some ‘meaty’ stats about New Zealand’s all-time favourite pizza.

In fact, Kiwis love Pepperoni Pizza so much that Domino’s stores across the country deliver more than 9,500 a day. That’s almost 3.5 million Pepperoni Pizzas enjoyed by hungry customers in the past 12 months!

Not only is Pepperoni Pizza a clear fan favourite, but pepperoni itself is one of New Zealand’s most popular toppings, with more than 173,000 slices added to Domino’s pizzas every year. which is 300 metric tonnes of pepperoni!

But where in the country are the biggest Pepperoni Pizza lovers?

In terms of cities, Domino’s Auckland customers ‘pepperonly’ have eyes for pepperoni with stores safely delivering more than 1.1 million Pepperoni Pizzas around the region over the last year.

In fact, in a recent online poll, our Auckland customers told us that the pizza they are looking forward to most when they get out of lockdown is…you guessed it, Pepperoni!

Although Aucklanders love a good pepperoni slice, the suburb that came out tops for loving this delectable treat is Ilam in Christchurch. Those pizza loving Cantabrians have eaten more than 50,000 Pepperoni Pizzas in the last year – clearly showing that Domino’s has a ‘pizza’ their heart!

Domino’s ANZ Chief Marketing Officer Adam Ballesty said it’s only fitting to celebrate our customers ‘a-dough-ration’ of this classic on National Pepperoni Pizza Day.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to restrict many joys we once took for granted, but we count ourselves lucky that most of us can still enjoy our favourite slice,” noted Ballesty.

“Even during the various levels of COVID restrictions we’ve seen the power something as simple as a Pepperoni Pizza has to bring people together – whether it’s shared between housemates and family members or enjoyed virtually over a video call with friends.”

If you love Pepperoni Pizza, then what better way to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day than with a slice yourself? (Unless you’re in Auckland of course, in which case Domino’s looks forward to serving you your favourite pizza again very soon).