Cooking with Yoghurt

Finding fun, new ways to enjoy your favourite food is the best way to enjoy cooking. Yoghurt is a staple in almost every household, being used for delicious breakfasts or healthy dessert alternatives. But finding new ways to utilise this dairy-lovers staple can be tricky. That is where we come in! We have compiled some of the easiest, and most tasty, ways for you to enjoy yoghurt so you can keep it a principal space holder in your fridge.

Avocado Yoghurt Sauce

Combining yoghurt with the it-food of 2019 seems too good to be true, but alas, here we are! Just add 250 grams of unsweetened yoghurt with one ripe avocado, some lime juice and assorted seasonings and you will have yourself a delicious accompaniment to many dishes.

This concoction goes particularly well with a variety of Mexican or Turkish foods and can help cool down some spicier dishes.

Smooth Potato Salad

If you are used to using super salty mayonnaise or fatty sour creams in your potato salads, then you are about to experience some serious enlightenment. Adding the right sort of yoghurt with the perfect herbs and spices can help you create the tastiest, and healthiest, potato salad of your life.

Some key flavours to throw into your dish try dill, chives and a good splash of lemon. Any barbecue would benefit from this mouth-watering addition to the lineup.

Muesli Bars

Just like the 12 packs you buy in a box at the supermarket, this treat is totally delicious and super convenient. Making a yoghurt icing to drizzle over your healthy nut bar can transform your snack into a culinary masterpiece. Mix Greek yoghurt with icing sugar and coconut oil to create a delicious topping for your bars.

The sauce pairs best with earthy flavour created with various nuts, berries and dried fruit.

Creamy Curries

Forget coconut milk or heavy creams; yoghurt can make the perfect thickener for a home-made curry. While it may be a bit more expensive than your standard coconut milk, in return you will have a tastier and richer meal which will have you living in a food-comma for hours.

Orange Yoghurt Cake

Talk about a healthy dessert! Not all cakes require a mountain of sugary icing, choose the right combination of flavours, and you can have yourself the perfect after dinner treat without risking your diet. The bitey citrus flavour of the orange paired with the moistness of the cake, thanks to the yoghurt, create a sweet snack with no icing required. Delicious!