Cosmic Gift Guide | Aquarius 2022

Stuck on what to buy for the exceptional Aquarian in your life? No fear, we’ve got you covered. Aquarius individuals are advanced, self-reliant, innovative, remarkable, and optimistic. Their elemental sign is air which explains their calm and sensitive nature but they always stay true to their assertive and innovative hearts.

Some iconic Aquarians include Alicia Keys, Oprah, Harry Styles, Paris Hilton and Michael B Jordan. 

Those born under this sign are known for bringing out the best in others while letting their own creative, insightful, and downright quirky selves shine through. 

Here are the perfect gifts for the irreplaceable air sign in your life, inspired by the stars. 

Zoe & Morgan Chapter Two

Treat your air sign to a gift they will treasure forever. Zoe and Morgans newest ‘Chapter Two’ collection is a love letter to the ocean and its gems. The velvety fluid lines that ripple through this collection are both organic and alive, sweeping through each piece and reminiscent of the natural textures in seashells. Go on – treat your Aquarian to the best of the best.

Stella Andromeda – Aquarius

In our increasingly turbulent world, we are increasingly looking to the sky to uncover guidance in the ancient art of astrology. Give the gift of knowledge and self-introspection to your insightful Aquarian with this little book. Author Stella Andromeda spills all the tea with everything you would ever need to know about your astrological life as the water carrier.

Andromedia will teach you how to harness the ancient power of the zodiac and open your mind to what the universe can bring you in ways you never could have imagined.

Light Soy Luxe by Heliograph

Ideal for the creative and quirky water-bearer with the delightful and functional Light Soy. If the design doesn’t have you sold already – the award-winning Light Soy lamp is designed to stop plastic pollution at the ‘sauce.’ The shade is made with ocean-bound plastic collected in areas that are the source of ocean pollution & up-cycled into this incredible light feature. 

Converse | CT 70 Crafted With Love

Wear your heart on your Chucks and show your Aquarian your romantic side with these fabulous limited edition high tops. These  Chuck 70 sneakers combine the unmistakable Chuck Taylor features you know and love with lovingly embroidered details and unexpected kiss prints at the outsole. Perfect to show your special Aquarius how much you simply adore them.