Following a sellout event in 2015, the world’s number one premium gin brand, Bombay Sapphire is thrilled to announce the return of tis celebrated pop up bar and restaurant Project Botanicals.

The two-week pop up will present a unique dining event, using cocktails, food and artistry to create a sensory experience.

Led by Bombay Sapphire’s ambassador Chase Bickerton and renowned fine dining chef, Michael Meredith, the event features 10 artistically-inspired cocktails designed around each of Bombay Sapphire’s 10 exotic botanicals and paired with a dish to complement these flavours.

“Our senses give us the ability to perceive, recognise and understand an environment,” said Bickerton. “We’ve created our cocktails to ignite these sense, using our ten botanicals to create and evening based on the experiences that artistry and food give us.”

Each cocktail has considered and implemented the international origins of the botanical it represents, drawing on the flavours of the world. While each dish highlights and draws out the complex layers of the cocktail it matches.

One of the botanicals within Bombay Sapphire is the Orris Root, with origins in Florence, Italy. Working with this full floral flavour, Chase Bickerton has created the Prada 75, a twist on the classic champagne cocktail inspired by Prada and their perfume line.

This aromatic cocktail is paired with a scallop tartare wrapped in raspberry leather.

“We’ve taken these fresh aromatic profiles and thought about how we could make them interesting, incorporating different textures and elements to end up with a balanced and exciting menu that targets each and every one of the five senses,” said Michael Meredith, Project Botanicals collaborator and head chef.

“The dishes have been crafted to reflect the artistry of each cocktail. Bombay Sapphire is all about creating a sensory experience within each bottle, the blend of all 10 botanicals working to create the flavour and fullness of the gin, just like each one of our cocktail and dish pairings works together.”

Project Botanicals has been activated in Sydney and Melbourne for the past two years with huge success, and launched in Auckland last year with sell-out nights. The New Zealand Project Botanicals pop up bar and restaurant will be open for two weeks only at Eat My Lunch, 5 Galatos Street from Wednesday 9th November to Sunday 20th November.

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