Critical Support Needed for KidsCan

Local teachers have called out for families in hardship who are in urgent need of food as they struggle in the ‘hardest lockdown yet’.

KidsCan said it contacted schools and early childhood centres in areas hit by positive COVID-19 cases, and had ‘heartbreaking responses’.

“I was lying awake last night unable to sleep trying to come up with a plan to help our whānau as the lockdown extension means critical support is now needed. We have 25 families that require food support, and I am at a loss of how to help them,” one early childhood teacher wrote to KidsCan.  

In response, KidsCan aims to deliver 2500 food parcels to families in hardship in communities in Auckland and Wellington affected by outbreaks of COVID-19.

“The children in these families would have been fed breakfast, snacks and lunch at early childhood centres and school every day,” noted KidsCan’s CEO ,Julie Chapman.

“Now, suddenly, their parents are having to find extra money for food in budgets that most people would struggle to survive on. We’re urging Kiwis who are in a position to help to once again donate $19 to turn COVID-19 into something positive.”

More information can be found on KidsCan’s website.