#DateWhileYouWait for New York subway riders

New Yorker Thomas Knox floods the internet as the new trend Date While You Wait takes over. From different platforms all over New York, he has a pretty simple set up and the results are adorable. A coca-cola bottle with a flower in it, a table, two chairs and there has been a game of Connect Four or two. This is great because; 1. New Yorkers are in the subways for a lot longer due it being the height of summer, 2. there being a crap load of delays all over the place AND 3. for all those hopeless romantics!

“I wanted to do something fun in the subway due to all the negative things that happen,” says Knox. “I wanted to make people smile and enjoy the commute. I feel each date has been successful in its own unique way. The general reaction has been positive and hopeful.”

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