Dating and debt

Credit Simple investigated love and its effects on money. Their survey revealed that almost 28 percent of the New Zealanders surveyed had been hurt financially by a partner. Additionally, nearly 18 percent of the Kiwi’s surveyed responded that they had kept money or finances from their partner, including secret bank accounts and/or debt.

In many cases, by the time the financial troubles were discovered, it was already too late. For said couples to regather their financial strength, they had to build up their credit scores before they could look at getting a loan or a mortgage.

The study showed that women were more likely to hide finances from their partners, but also more like to be hurt financially by a partner. Some of the most common examples of financial hide-and-seek included racking up secret credit card debt behind a partner’s back, refusing to pay debt following the termination of a relationship, people saying that they are paying bills when they aren’t, and even forging a partner’s signature on loan documents.