DB Gears up for Summer with Three New Brews

Can’t beat the sound that is cracking open a can on a hot summer’s day. DB is getting ready early with three new brews that are set to make some serious waves.



Like a fish stepping onto land, two of its new brews will be available in a can from October in a first-ever for Tuatara.

“The move to cans was a natural selection for Tuatara, excuse the pun, as the can format continues to dominate the craft market in New Zealand. Almost 60 percent of craft beer is now sold in cans, with this number up 46 percent on last year. From a consumer point of view, convenience is a factor as cans stack easily in the fridge, plus they are easy to chuck in a bag on the way to a BBQ. From our perspective, we’re excited about the extra space available for beautiful and eye-catching designs,” said Sam Forrest, Senior Marketing Manager at DB Breweries. 

“But don’t worry, the famous lizard-skin like embossed bottles are not fossils yet – they will continue to exist in the core offering and limited, 500ml seasonal releases.

The Optical Hazy IPA, 6.6 percent, will have you relying on all senses to navigate through layers of mango, passionfruit, and pineapple flavours, with thick refractions of Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy hops. 

The Reptilian West Coast IPA, 6.4 percent, has a bold biscuit base infused with pine, citrus and wild berry notes.


Monteith’s launches a new brew – Tight Lines Pale Ale. A crisp, clear, refreshing pale ale brewed with Galaxy and Mosaic hops, the new brew is made with the best New Zealand ale malts and ripples with a fruit-forward, balanced bite.

“Kiwis love pale ales. Current data shows that the pale ale style represents a sizeable 27 percent of the craft market in New Zealand, and this percentage is still growing. We know that in warmer weather, people look for beverages that are extra refreshing and thirst quenching, so we thought we’d create a delicious new pale ale for summer that offers just that,” said Forrest.

“The packaging depicts a classic South Island fly fishing scene and pays homage to the place Monteith’s was born, the West Coast. It is a special place where time slows down, the summer days are long, and you can escape the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy simple pleasures, like fishing with mates and a cold beer.”

Tight Lines Pale Ale will be coasting into stores this October in 6x330ml and 12x330ml cans.