The New Collection From Dimples

New Zealand luxury babywear brand, Dimples, has been in Newmarket for the past 13 years and recently decided to make the move to a larger store while remaining in the Newmarket location. “We have been around that area of Newmarket for several years and customers become familiar with where you are,” said production assistant, Samantha Williams. “We decided to do a bigger store so that we could create a one-stop-shop for everything baby. We have been able to as stock a lot more brands and provide a better shopping experience for our customers.”

Dimples offer a range of products made from natural materials that are child-friendly, gentle and comfortable for all babies. One of the biggest goals for the Dimples team at the new store is to offer customers a quality shopping experience with experienced staff members. “We have three to four staff members on the floor at all times.” The new store has received positive feedback from customers, who highlighted the expansive space and detailed displays which made it easy to shop. “Customers will like that the new store is spacious, child-friendly and safe. We have areas in-store where you can let your children relax and have fun while you shop around. We also have a seating area where mums and dads can feed their babies. We have also been able to have much better displays so customers can see the full range.”

Dimples have attended a number of baby expos this year and are anticipating more expos in 2020 to showcase the brand throughout more of New Zealand. “With the launch of the new store we have also been able to expand our brand list and present our existing brands to their fullest potential.”

Dimples’ new summer collections are currently being released and feature a delicate waffle print that comes in a variety of colourways and styles. “We do extensive research on upcoming colour and style trends as well as sticking to our values while using natural fabrics that are comfortable and beneficial to the baby.” Dimples have remained one of New Zealand’s most successful babywear brands with thanks to its commitment and values of providing customers with high-quality products that have created a loyal following.

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