Balance bikes are the little bikes that don’t have pedals and can teach toddlers as young as 15 months to balance on two (or three) wheels.

A replacement for training wheels, the balance bikes are designed so that kids can learn to ride a bike and smoothly transition to a bike with pedals. They ride like normal bikes and don’t get stuck on uneven surfaces.

Another bonus? Kids tend to make it much further on balance bikes and don’t get tired as easy as riding a normal bike where parents usually get stuck carrying a bike all the way home!

Trybike is the first 2-in-1 balance bike made of steel. Like the Trybike Wood the Trybike Steel is an adjustable balance bike that can be converted from a tricycle into a bicycle. With the same benefits being learning how to walk and ride.

Designed by two brothers in the Netherlands who are crazy about cycling, the pair developed the concept in 2015. Today the Trybike is one of the most popular bikes for kids and is a durable and well-designed bike that is built to last (it also looks super cute!)


The low tricycle offers young children lots of support to start their walking and riding skills.

Ages: Starting as early as 15 months up to around 2.5 years.


Easily convert the low tricycle into a low bicycle. At this point the next stage of riding starts, learning how to balance.

Ages: Approximately 2 years to around 6 years.

Trybike steel comes in four colours – matt black, silver metallic and the Vintage Edition in misty green and ruby red. Every Trybike Steel comes with two sheets of stickers to give the bike your own personal look.

Trybike is definitely the bike we would have loved to have had as kids!

It is perfect for Christmas, but get in quick as they are sure to sell out.

Get yours now from So Beau Baby, Mighty Ape, or Toyco.