A self-confessed maker and master illusionist who’s managed to convince her friends and family that she has her life together, Gemma Patford brings her creative and fancy world to life in her new book, Roped In. Born into a creative family, it was only natural that Gemma followed suit. Starting out in fashion and migrating to general craft projects, it is her rope vessels for which she is known.

Roped In will show you how to make them, as well as other inspiring projects, including a rope coil lampshade, pink rope floor rug, friendship knot earrings, little leg pantaloons, cat tuxedo, and a 3D gingerbread centrepiece. Roped In is full of crafty do-it-yourself ideas that will make you appear both fancy and fabulous. Learn how to decorate and entertain, creative festive holidays, make personalised gifts and discover your inner fancy.