Do Anti-Fog Hacks For Glasses With Masks Actually Work?

As someone who wears glasses every single day and who is mildly blind without them, I have found it extremely difficult to find a face mask to wear in public that does not fog or mist up my glasses. So naturally I turned to the internet to find a solution. Oh boy was it exhausting! Every single article felt like a huge essay. Every video felt like a movie. Just get to the point guys, give me the answer!!! So if you’re like me, simply scroll to the bottom of this post for the answer. Otherwise, enjoy my experiments below.

Out of all the many ways to fix this problem, here are the three most popular solutions floating around on the internet as sworn to work by doctors, nurses and health professionals.

First up, tried and true as stated by DOCTORS. Soap and water. Air dry. Ok I can do this without having to leave the house. I was excited, I applied the soap directly to the lenses and washed according. Let to dry in its own time which was interesting for me being blind without my glasses and it took a surprisingly long time. Once they were finally “air dry”, I put my mask and glasses on. Took a breath. Nope, they immediately fogged up horribly. NEXT! 

Anti-mist and anti-fog wipes. This one has to work and for $3 from Chemist Warehouse for 20 wipes, it looked to be a cheap and cheerful solution. I opened up a wipe from the box and I waxed and off like I was the Karate Kid. Popped on the mask, took a breath – ULTIMATE FAIL. I think these were actually worse than the soapy water test.

The last test (for today at least) was medical tape. Across multiple sites and YouTube videos, it recommends a micropore tape or something similar (tape made for skin, not duct tape or clear tape) from the pharmacy. Ok I have a first aid kit, maybe this is the one that actually will deliver results. Instructions say to tape only across the top of the mask – in particular across the bridge of your nose and a little bit on either side. Half on your skin, half on your mask. IT WORKED. I huffed and I puffed and it did not fog the house down!


The ONLY hack that actually worked was medical TAPE.