DocPlay Dishes Out the Dark Side

DocPlay has a special treat for all the true crime fans out there with a jaw-dropping selection of crime-related documentaries and docu-series. From the world’s deadliest terror plots to survival in prison, DocPlay leads us into the dark side of our society.

Terrorism Close Calls

These are untold stories. These are real threats.

Terrorism Close Calls is a ten-episode series that uncovers the true stories behind the world’s deadliest terror plots. Leading counter-terrorism experts and the agents who stopped the plots take viewers from the discovery of a threat through the investigation as they go after terror threats on a global scale.

Survivor’s Guide To Prison

You’re more likely to go to prison in the USA than in any other country in the world.

You’re more likely to go to prison in the USA than in any other country in the world, so should it happen to you, this is the SURVIVORS GUIDE TO PRISON with gripping commentary from inmates, officials, attorneys, celebrity activists and more.


On the 13th of February 1978 at 12:40 am, a massive bomb that had been placed in the rubbish bin outside the Sydney Hilton Hotel exploded, devastating a whole city block. No person or group claimed responsibility and the police, by their own admission, could find no evidence.


Trigger Point

True-crime writer John Silvester investigates a silent war in Australia’s most urbane city: the cops, the crims and the three men who fought to end the misuse of police officers’ license to kill.


Prisoners and Pups

A small group of women prisoners have signed up to foster retired racing greyhounds and get them ready for adoption. The women have just eight weeks to transform these institutionalised dogs into house-friendly, obedient pets. But the hardest test for the women turns out to be facing up to themselves. Can the prisoners and the dogs work together for a second chance?


The Cleaners

When you post something on the web, can you be sure it stays there? Enter a hidden shadow industry of digital cleaning, where the Internet rids itself of what it doesn’t like.