Downsizing, is a pint sized dramedy starring Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig. The movie is set in the near future where Norwegian scientists have developed a medical procedure that allows humans to shrink themselves to the size of an action figure to fix Earth’s overpopulation problems. Matt Damon’s character makes the choice to undergo the irreversible procedure with his wife (played by Kristen Wiig). However, Damon’s character, Paul soon realises things did not go to plan as he wakes up without his wife, who has seemingly decided to pull out the procedure last minute. Thus, taking Paul on a journey of self-discovering.

The first and second acts of the movie are enjoyable as audiences are introduced to the concept of downsizing and the miniature sized cities in which those who have undergone the procedure live. We are introduced to an array of small characters and watch as Paul begins his new life miniature life. The story line seems to dry out a bit in the third act. An Asian stereotype and a climax that never seems to come to fruition leave you waiting for the movie to end. A brilliant futuristic concept that unfortunately never amounts to its true potential.