With massive economic and environmental advantages, it is no surprise that prefab and tiny houses are trending worldwide. Eco Tiny is the latest company to join this trend creating prefab, environmentally friendly liveable pods. Eco Tiny homes are perfect for people who can’t afford your average house, first home buyer’s, people looking for investment opportunities, those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, as accommodation for tourist hot spots or those who want to live in the city but don’t have much space to work with.

The pods come as either self-contained studio units or 34 square meter one bedroom units, that have the option of being built on wheels. Homeowners have the choice of either being off-the-grid or connected to services. Some of the pods can be powered by wind, sun, gas and even rain. The tiny pods feature modern technology such as; wind generation, various solar system options, security systems that can sync to a consumer’s smartphone, and an app that allows the homeowner to check vital stats of the pod.

Eco Tiny wants to make buying a tiny house akin to buying a new car – fast, friendly, and with exceptional after sales service. At 3.1 meters by 7.2 meters, Eco Tiny’s pods require only 35 square meters of land to get started and are a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to New Zealand’s housing crisis.