Easy Halloween Hairstyles To Dye For!

Halloween is right around the corner and the team at BRITE are here to help you win ‘Best Dressed’ or, if you are a poor planner, save you with a last-minute costume idea.

With over 16 fun, vibrant and colourful dyes to choose from, BRITE’s Semi Permanent Vegan Hair Dye will help you dye your hair safely and know it isn’t hurting the planet (or your hair!) while doing it.

Channel your inner Harley Quinn with the Pink and Blue Dyes (also come in pastel!), or swim amongst your ocean friends as Ariel with the Red Dye. Zombie Brides, Fairies, Devils, Angels are also thought of with Silver, Turquoise, Purple and Rose Gold dyes too.

The Semi-Permanent Vegan Hair Dye will last 5 – 30 washes (depending on how you apply), can work on light or dark hair!

Cute, quick and cost-effective – Halloween is sorted.