Economy just got a lot worse with this new evil design

Just when you thought you had enough problems flying economy, the French have topped it off with this evil cherry.

In a desperate attempt to squeeze even more seats into economy, they have designed a new layout where half the seats are now backwards and the remaining stay facing forward. Zodiac Seats France has just applied for this GENIUS reconfiguration of their planes. Want to know how to get into your seat? No, don’t be silly you don’t climb over the person – the seat flips up duh. Ok so how is that safe? I was already worried about my sturdy, bolted down, economy seat flying out of the plane in a crash – how can I survive with this flimsy shit?

The “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon” has increased the typical Boeing 767 by 80 passengers. Fun.

NPR has released a couple headlines calling this amazing modern design “nightmare” and “evil”.1436756086400-1I really can only imagine one thing happening but much much worse…