Embracing the Grey!

Embracing the grey is now far more than just a move for self-confidence, it is a fashion statement! With hair care brand Redken leading the charge, style enthusiasts can now embrace the sleek look with confidence that their new hair will be chic and shiny rather than drab.

Redken’s new Color Extend Graydiant range combines two powerful products to give users a sleek and icy look. An anti-yellow shampoo and silver conditioner help to eliminate unpleasant undertones while providing a brightened and hydrated new look.

Grey hair is growing in New Zealand and it’s great to be able to offer our clients a range that encourages them to embrace the movement.

To celebrate the launch of these incredible products, and to further demonstrate fashion’s embracing of the grey, British Vogue Editor Sarah Harris underwent an amazing transformation. Global Colour Creative Director of Redken, Josh Wood, gave Harris a brand-new look. Her trademark silver hair was given a sleek and shiny finish with the help of the brand’s new range.