Emma Lewisham is Changing The Skincare Game

Emma Lewisham has done it again. In a world first, the leading beauty brand has launched a patented live human-skin-strain topical probiotic serum for acne-prone skin.

The Supernatural Blemish Serum incorporates a probiotic strain discovered on living, healthy human skin. Backed up by 20 years of research, the Supernatural Blemish Serum has robust clinical studies that scientifically prove the effectiveness of the probiotic strain to work against bacteria and oil that result in acne.

In simple terms, the probiotic strain within the serum slows the growth of bacteria by colonising the skin and stopping bacteria from being able to feast on excess oils that would usually result in inflammation and blemishes.

The serum has been uniquely formulated to be stable at room temperature for two years in order to support and maintain the life of the probiotic strain. This means the bottle has two sides, one with the live serum, and the other with an activating crème.

To use the Supernatural Blemish Serum, combine one pump from each side of the bottle into the palm of your hand and mix together before applying to the entirety of your face. It’s important to note the serum not be successful if used as a spot treatment.