Emma Lewisham’s Q24 Supernatural Blemish Serum

Emma Lewisham launches a world-first patented serum for acne-prone skin, Supernatural Blemish Serum with Q24 Live Skin Probiotic.

The patented live probiotic ingredient, Micrococcus luteus Q24, is the first probiotic strain discovered on actual living, healthy human facial skin.

The Supernatural Blemish Serum is the only skincare product globally formulated with this strain and is the brand’s first and only new product launch for 2023. It is uniquely tested at room temperature for two years to validate that it can maintain the life of Q24.

“Micrococcus luteus Q24 is backed by nearly 20 years of cutting-edge scientific research. This strain was discovered on healthy human skin and has an unparalleled capacity to impede the growth of key skin pathogens that have been found to damage human skin,” said Professor John Tagg, who discovered Q24 in 2004.

This is not a spot treatment, and once activated and applied, the Q24 cells colonise the skin, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as C. acnes that feast on the skin and irritate.

The Emma Lewisham Supernatural Blemish Serum is refillable and recyclable through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle, with Refill vessels available online and at retailers.